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B2B Viral Marketing

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Marketing Sherpa turned me onto a case study around Arbor Networks, Network Security Firms, viral marketing initiatives from 06. It turned out to be a success because the team thought about the marketing in a holistic manner. Everything was tied together, and they really covered their bases.

The team created a game featuring “real” techie-types fighting an evil virus, then they created a 12 episode podcast with Captains of Industry, a series based on “a fictional financial institution was being extorted by cyberterrorists who were taking down the network.” They pushed their initiatives through advertising, blogging, PR, trade show activities and sposorships , direct mail, online ads, print ads, glued in offers and email ads in ezines.

The response, for the B2B space, were phenomenal. They made sure they stood out, the pushed everything the right way. Their traffic doubled each quarter, they recieved 40,000 visits to their blog, the podcasts were downloaded 24,000 times and they’ve been getting targeted traffic from search. Nice work Arbor Networks, way to engage you’re audience.

Now Thats A Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Story – Saatchi & Saatchi

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Saatchi & Saatchi is a familiar brand to us all in marketing and advertising. I was checking out thier “who we are” page and noticed this nice little story about British Airways. Talk about a real balls out effort.

“We were responsible for the world’s most effective direct response advertising. After the first Gulf War, no one was flying. All the more reason for British Airways to launch their “World’s Biggest Offer” which appeared for one day, running in 29 languages, in 69 countries and in nearly 300 publications. It was seen by over 100 million people, and a world record figure of six million responded.”

How Far Will We Let Advertising Go? Hallmark Tries to Capatilize on Drug Addiction, Cancer and Other Hardships

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Seriously. Sometimes I see advertising, ok, very often I see advertising and I think to myself, “this is rediculous, how could this company willingly attempt to gain customers by playing on emotions or taking advantage of our hope or hardtimes…?” – but this is just too far. Adfreak called my attention to it.

Hallmark decided to release a bunch of cards that are meant to be given to people on a “journey” such as drug addiction, cancer, miscarriage, aging parent, divorce… They are calling them “New Cards With Real Words for Real Life” and it somehow makes me want to puke.

I think there are some things that are sacred, that you really shouldn’t blatantly *try* to make money from… a doctor getting rich from saving someone from dieing of cancer or a counselor that helps save a broken marriage is one thing – but Hallmark is just trying to make a buck of sadness, misery and tragedy. Not cool.

The Future of IT

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Brian Burnham is a smart guy. Read what he thinks about the future of IT business.

“This progression from hardware to systems software to applications software, to network, to service, and now to data has such a compelling momentum that leads inexorably to the question – What’s next?

One way to look at that question is to argue that we have arrived at the end of history. The progression to date has been up the stack in a classic architecture diagram, data is on top of that stack, and nothing sits on top of the data. I disagree.

The genius of Craigslist is in its governance system. It is its lightweight governance system that allows 21 people to administer 300 sites in 35 countries. I believe that the basis of competition in web services will shift from the data to the system that manages the acquisition, and use of that data. The governance system that yields the most utility for the largest number of users with the least overhead will ultimately manage the largest communities with the most valuable data.

Is there a basis for competition beyond the governance systems underlying these services? If pressed, I would guess it will be values. It might be possible for two equally effective governance systems to compete by internalizing different values. One could perhaps embrace openness and diversity at the cost of some efficiency and the other could be optimized for efficiency for a more homogeneous set of users and interests. After that maybe they will compete on aesthetics or maybe there is no more “stuff on top” as Nicolas Carr once said to me. Maybe then we really are talking about the end of IT history. What do you think?” via – Blog of the Century!

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Ok, this should get a laugh out of just about anyone who finds a great site and looks for the blog in hopes to get to know the team and their expertise. seems like a pretty cool design/dev firm so, like always, I looked for a Blog link in the navigation, and like always, I found it. To my surprise I was greated by this amazing blog that speaks loud and clear to the accelerated life of marketers today.


Quote of the day – “the right marketing company” – Miller Beer VP Media and Marketing Services

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“As we evolve our digital-marketing approach, we will be looking to develop more programs that naturally engage consumers in ways that tap into meaningful spaces where they spend their time,” Jackie Woodward, Miller VP-media and Marketing Services