About Justin Walton

no·mad·is·here (nō’mād’is’here) Pronunciation Key n.

1. A member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move according to the seasons.
2. A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer.

I’ve always related to this way of living. We are all at home wherever we are. I avoid boundaries and approach life with creativity and logic. I do not judge without experimentation and always reflect on what is good for everything rather than solely on what is good for myself.

I wear many hats. I have many faces. I have built my reality with a foundation of creativity, love and power.

I am:

  • A Creator
  • A Father
  • A Lover
  • A Friend
  • A Leader
  • An Artist
  • A Musician
  • A Philosopher
  • A Psychologist
  • A Sociologist
  • A Businessman
  • A Builder
  • A Designer
  • A Developer
  • A Gamemaker
  • A Visionary
  • An Entrepreneur
  • A Consultant
  • A Marketer
  • A Teacher
  • A Student
  • A Chef
  • A Craftsman
  • A Reader
  • A Writer
  • A Poet
  • A Speaker
  • A Vessel
  • A Soul

Something I enjoy very much is to meet, communicate with, collaborate with, debate with, learn from and teach like minds. Contact me to do any or all of the above.


4 Responses to “About Justin Walton”

  1. Ninja Mind Says:

    I dig you’re ideas and and outlook–keep it up.

  2. nomadishere Says:

    Thanks bro. I like how you’ve described yourself on your blog, seems you’re a nomad as well. Keep in touch. I’ll create a myspace account one of these days… 😉

  3. Rebecca Hager Says:

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