How to be an A-List Blogger by Jason Calacanis

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Straight from an “A-List” bloggers mouth.

“Want to be an A-list blogger?
1. Go to Techmeme.
2. Look for the top three stories.
3. Write about them every day.
4. Go to the blogs of the other people who are writing about these stories and comment.
5. Do this every day and attend every conference going.
6. And you’ll be an A-lister.
Write once every two weeks and wonder why you aren’t an A-lister?” – Jason Calacanis

Jason, I thought you were about sincerity, *real* writers writing *real* things. I’m happy to hear you’re well aware that you are a business man and a marketer – I thought you hated us 🙂 ? Re-blogging for the sole purpose of becoming an A-lister is not the best possible advice is it? I guess at least you are “transparently being authentic” about how you’ve made it as a “blogger.”

“Yes. Transparency counts. … But if you’re going to make a media business out of it, you never ever want anyone to be able to say that you benefited from the people you wrote about. … All you have as a blogger is your authenticity, your trust.” – Jason Calacanis

I agree with you on that, Jason. All you really have as a human being is your authenticity and your trust. You seem to do things your way, and by your own rules. For that I respect you. However, I believe the REAL way to be an A-lister in any field is to have something of a value, something people want – work really hard (really really hard – live it and breathe it), present it to your audience with honesty, promote it with integrity (but by all means promote it), treat your industry, colleagues, clients, vendors, partners and competitors *with respect* … and here’s the kicker… the most important part of making it to the top *avoid, at all costs, hypocrisy* – because readers are real people too, and no one, I mean no one, likes a hypocrite.

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