B2B Viral Marketing

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Marketing Sherpa turned me onto a case study around Arbor Networks, Network Security Firms, viral marketing initiatives from 06. It turned out to be a success because the team thought about the marketing in a holistic manner. Everything was tied together, and they really covered their bases.

The team created a game featuring “real” techie-types fighting an evil virus, then they created a 12 episode podcast with Captains of Industry, a series based on “a fictional financial institution was being extorted by cyberterrorists who were taking down the network.” They pushed their initiatives through advertising, blogging, PR, trade show activities and sposorships , direct mail, online ads, print ads, glued in offers and email ads in ezines.

The response, for the B2B space, were phenomenal. They made sure they stood out, the pushed everything the right way. Their traffic doubled each quarter, they recieved 40,000 visits to their blog, the podcasts were downloaded 24,000 times and they’ve been getting targeted traffic from search. Nice work Arbor Networks, way to engage you’re audience.


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