Now Thats A Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Story – Saatchi & Saatchi

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Saatchi & Saatchi is a familiar brand to us all in marketing and advertising. I was checking out thier “who we are” page and noticed this nice little story about British Airways. Talk about a real balls out effort.

“We were responsible for the world’s most effective direct response advertising. After the first Gulf War, no one was flying. All the more reason for British Airways to launch their “World’s Biggest Offer” which appeared for one day, running in 29 languages, in 69 countries and in nearly 300 publications. It was seen by over 100 million people, and a world record figure of six million responded.”


Quote of the day – “the right marketing company” – Miller Beer VP Media and Marketing Services

This blog has moved to its new permanent home at

“As we evolve our digital-marketing approach, we will be looking to develop more programs that naturally engage consumers in ways that tap into meaningful spaces where they spend their time,” Jackie Woodward, Miller VP-media and Marketing Services

Is Donald Trump a Spammer? His landing page has a “virtual salesperson” to stop you from pressing X!

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Thanks to Mark Cuban for pointing out Donal Trump spammed him 🙂 Always nice to know who doesn’t care how they gain followers…

That isn’t the creepiest part though. Check out Donalds page, then do the same thing I did – cringe a bit, and click the X that makes you feel so good to click… but wait! A chat window pops up saying “Wait! Before you go…” and this dude starts talking, saying crap to get me to sign up…

At first I think its a real person, I’m like “no way, you gotta be kidding…” I even ask where they are located, to try and figure out what country Mr. Trump is using to supply his chat team… and I quickly realize its an automated machine. /Sigh … at least he’s not paying real people to do his dirty work THIS time.