Is Donald Trump a Spammer? His landing page has a “virtual salesperson” to stop you from pressing X!

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Thanks to Mark Cuban for pointing out Donal Trump spammed him 🙂 Always nice to know who doesn’t care how they gain followers…

That isn’t the creepiest part though. Check out Donalds page, then do the same thing I did – cringe a bit, and click the X that makes you feel so good to click… but wait! A chat window pops up saying “Wait! Before you go…” and this dude starts talking, saying crap to get me to sign up…

At first I think its a real person, I’m like “no way, you gotta be kidding…” I even ask where they are located, to try and figure out what country Mr. Trump is using to supply his chat team… and I quickly realize its an automated machine. /Sigh … at least he’s not paying real people to do his dirty work THIS time.