Bill Hicks Rocks – His Message to Marketers and Advertisers

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Brought to you by my normal daily dose of wierdness received through headphones from my favorite streaming electronic music site – right in the middle of a track it goes quite and Bill Hicks starts talking, seemingly to me as I work on my round of advertising campaigns for clients.

“So, there is something I’d like to say that is not a joke. To all of you in the marketing and advertising business – go kill yourselves. You are satans spawn, you are garbage – you are filling the world with bile and scum. You are laughing because you think this is a joke. I’m not joking, fucking kill yourself. I’m serious. Suck on a tailpipe. You know what these marketing guys are saying right now? Oooo look at Bill, he’s taking advantage of the “anti-marketing” edge… Nice going Bill. Fuck you you vile piece of shits, I am not doing that. Just go kill yourselves.”

– Bill Hicks (rewritten from audio so its probably slightly different, but you get the idea)