Photoshop Contest – Help a fellow geek win a new Apple MacPro with Dual 30in Monitors

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Yo – head over to the photoshop contest, lots of really amazing pieces of art… including mine! I’m a creative geek hoping to win the Apple MacPro with Dual 30in Monitors by putting my heart and soul into a powerful piece of art. There is a lot of really great art submitted and I will not be too sad if I do not win… but I put a lot of work and love into my piece, and If you like mine or anyone else’s work you should sign up for your free account and vote.

Week 4 of the Contest shows pics we used and the start of the entries.

My piece is called: Beautiful Technology Can No Longer Reach Nature – My goal with this piece was simple, use the images to show the struggle between the beauty of man’s advancement and his disconnection from mother nature by being chained to what he has created…

P.S. – I’ll be posting closeups and version shots of my work here soon for all of you to see… its probably time i design my own them for this blog too…

Other Great Entries: