Threadless and Cafepress Rock – Hot Creative Communities

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So I finally found Threadless today. Its a very cool and very active community of artists submitting t-shirt designs in hopes to win some cash and attract some attention. Underground art lovers buy the sick t-shirts the artists submit. Its wonderful.

I’ll be sporting some of the cool tees there as well as submitting my own art.

Keep an eye on My Threadless Page, and if you want to sign up or buy any tees, follow and book mark THIS LINK.

I also started up My Cafepress Store, where I’ll be selling t-shirts, mugs, boooks, cd’s, hats, hoodies, stickers, stuff for kids, pets and just generally cool stuff.

Check out Cafepress Today for the coolest gifts.

Shop for the Perfect Gift

If you like the philosophy or art of Nomadishere, you’ll love this stuff.


My Wengo Internet Business Consultant Page

This blog has moved to its new permanent home at

My Wengo Internet Business Consulting Page

Wengo has created a network of individuals looking for, or promoting, personal services attainable through video phone chat.

Pretty cool.

You can create service listings that put you in a searchable network, attach a picture, video and get a cool little “click here to call me” button that lets interested people pay a fee to talk to you. The payment gets automatically deposited into your bank account.

My first service listed is Internet Business Consultant. I’ll list all my marketing, design, development and psychographic services soon, probably with a cool video of each.