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While manifesting my own destiny I find myself “stumbling” into like minds. It’s easy to forget we are responsible for our own reality. Deep down we all know we are. This is one of those few “truths” I am well aware of and continually manifest reminders to myself. I thought I would do the same for you by introducing you to Steve Pavlina of and his post on The Law of Attraction.

If you find this Steve, keep spreading the love and wisdom brother.

Subjective reality is a belief system in which (1) there is only one consciousness, (2) you are that singular consciousness, and (3) everything and everyone in your reality is a projection of your thoughts.” (thanks Steve Pavlina of His post regarding The Law of Attraction is a must read for anyone who’s ever thought about choice, responsibility or ones ability to manifest their own destiny. “It’s your entire collection of thoughts that dictates how your reality manifests.”

The icing on the cake:
“I too am just a manifestation of your consciousness. I play the role you expect me to play. If you expect me to be a helpful guide, I will be. If you expect me to be profound and insightful, I will be. If you expect me to be confused or deluded, I will be. But of course there’s no distinct ME that is separate from YOU. I’m just one of your many creations. I am what you intend me to be. But deep down you already knew that, didn’t you?”