SponsoredReviews.com Launches – Paid Review Done Right

This blog has moved to its new permanent home at http://nomadishere.com.

It’s always been a sticky topic, paying people to write – however, its the way the world works, and of course like anything else it can and will be abused.

Building a platform where bloggers can pick their own price, write whatever they want and *must* disclose they are being compensated is… well, great. It’s the way it should be.

Morgan commented on the PayPerPost Virus Rant from Techcrunch and I think she says it perfectly:

I couldn’t care less about payola, or disclosure for that matter. If TechCrunch had a habit of of shilling weak products, it would lose credibility whether I knew the reason or not. If it’s good material, I don’t care how TechCrunch is being paid to write it.

This kind of thing doesn’t do anything to the blogosphere as a whole in my opinion. I have an opinion of the blogs I read, not of the blog universe, as I read them.

This model will exist, will continue to exist, as it always has in some form. People need to just evaluate what they read for themselves.


If someone writes about a product and gives it a positive review because they are being paid when they really thought whatever they are writing about sucked, well thats nothing other than two-faced dishonesty and those people don’t get far in my book – I can smell them a mile away. People who are honest and have something to say thats worth listening to will always get my ear – and I hope they are making some money doing it.

There are those in advertising today (many many of them) who lump everything other than “create quality content” into the spam-bucket (ok, well almost everything, I’m sure they are cool with PPC, CPM and even paying a journalist to write and syndicate a press release for them… wait a minute, what does that sound like? ;))


2 Responses to “SponsoredReviews.com Launches – Paid Review Done Right”

  1. Morgan Says:

    I am what I like to believe is a man, but glad to see we agree 🙂 Maybe my comments are softeneed by people thinking I’m a girl anyway, so no problem.

  2. Jasun Douglarr Says:

    This is great in terms of seo. Naught seems to rag towards them compared to this.

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