My Wengo Internet Business Consultant Page

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My Wengo Internet Business Consulting Page

Wengo has created a network of individuals looking for, or promoting, personal services attainable through video phone chat.

Pretty cool.

You can create service listings that put you in a searchable network, attach a picture, video and get a cool little “click here to call me” button that lets interested people pay a fee to talk to you. The payment gets automatically deposited into your bank account.

My first service listed is Internet Business Consultant. I’ll list all my marketing, design, development and psychographic services soon, probably with a cool video of each.


2 Responses to “My Wengo Internet Business Consultant Page”

  1. Patrick (wengo) Says:

    Dear Justin
    I’ll be happy to talk to you next week, to have a feedback on ours services from an US guy.
    Feel free to send me a mail to sceddule a video meeting (on wengo of course 😉

  2. nomadishere Says:

    Patrick, if you would be so kind as to send me your contact info to nomadishere at gmail dot com, we can get the ball rolling.

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