NoMadIshEre starts speaking up – first up is my Wikipedia page and user account.

This blog has moved to its new permanent home at

Recently I’ve even talked about the power that those who publish have – and how they are mis-using it.

So today is the day I pledge to speak up.

Check it out:

My Wikipedia User Page
Nomadishere on Wikipedia

*Note: Wikipedia seem to be a bunch of Nazi’s. I do not have the time to write a post citing sources as to why I am “noteworthy” enough to have a page on Wikipedia other than my user page. Oh well, I may get around to it.

PS – look foward to the launch of Mediautopsy – dissecting media to bring you the best of the web, the creative world and everything else you should know.


Stupid Wikipedia – getting as bad as George Bush

So we have our good friends, wikipedia, recieving the monster share of SERP traffic because of dumb ass bloggers’ Google bombs… /sigh

Do we *really* want the wiki ranking page one for searches like Buy Viagra? I mean seriously – they only needed a few hundred links, and then presto – they are top 3. Oh well – thats the way it goes.

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