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Superficial Companies Abound…
HP came out with the Anti-Fat-People Effect


People Stuck on Celebrities

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It drives me crazy thinking how many people are stuck on celebrities lives. WHO CARES!?! It’s absolutely disguisting how people can indulge in who’s dating who?, who’s sleeping with who?, where they are living now?, who’s getting divorced?, what are they wearing?. I mean my god. They are just people who entertain for a living. They’ve got talent, well some do, but I’ll leave it at that. Stop taking it past the television or the radio. LIVE YOUR LIFE.

I just visited popsugar‘s site for the first time last night. I thought I was going to puke. It’s all about celebrities, and there is even a chat going on about celebrities lives. It seemed like a cult of little girls talking about celebrities, actually being *upset* about a certain person’s choice of their own life. I was in the grocery line and in front of me were these two young girls talking about how they can’t believe “Nicolas Cage is actually with her”. As they were acting all shocked and disguisted, I was wondering how much time of peoples lives go to caring about the wrong thing.

And those glasses…..loose them, you look hidious, absolutely hidious. Actually you look like a bug, yeah I said it. A bug.