Internet Business Consultant

I currently work with Position Technologies hand in hand with Detlev Johnson. After a lifetime of art, business, technology, development, marketing and consulting – I have refined, ehanced and nurtured certain areas of expertise with the goal of helping great companies be as great as they can be. I have helped many companies grow and succeed with efficient, modern processes, innovative creativity and comprehensive marketing and public relations campaigns. My clients have dominated many B2C and B2B sectors by using my experience, expertise and creative strategy with the Web as a primary driving force of sales and traffic. I specialize in Web Marketing, however, my understanding of modern business processes, traditional direct marketing and psychology have helped me create cohesive marketing campaigns and internal business processes that have built success online and offline.

If you just want to talk about life, there is definitely no fee there :), otherwise my time is sold at $495 an hour and covers the following areas:

Internet Business
User Interface Design
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Public Relations
Viral Marketing
Conversion Enhancement
Multi Variable Testing
Systems Integration
Database Design
Social Media
User Generated Content
Psychographic Profiling

If you’d like to talk with me, about how I can help your business or simply to chat, contact me.


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