Word to Remember: Infomediary

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“Formed from a combination of the words information and intermediary, an infomediary is a Web site that gathers and organizes large amounts of data and acts as an intermediary between those who want the information and those who supply the information.

There are two types of infomediaries. Some infomediaries, such as Autobytel.com and BizRate.com, offer consumers a place to gather information about specific products and companies before they make purchasing decisions. The infomediary is a neutral entity, a third-party provider of unbiased information; it does not promote or try to sell specific products in preference over other products. It does not act on behalf of any vendors. The second type of infomediary, and one that is not necessarily Web-based, is one that provides vendors with consumer information that will help the vendor develop and market products. The infomediary collects the personal information from the buyers and markets that data to businesses. The advantage of this approach is that consumer privacy is protected and some infomediaries even offer consumers a percentage of the brokerage deals.

The term infomediary was coined by John Hagel in his 1996 article entitled “The Coming Battle for Customer Information” in the Harvard Business Review.” via


Longtail Terms That Convert – “how to get rid of X”

This blog has moved to its new permanent home at http://nomadishere.com.

Ever wondered how you can expand your inventory of longtail keywords? We all know they convert at higher percentages and cost less to rank for or purchase in the PPC space.

Sometimes it just takes a push to think outside the box. The key is action words. For example, “how to get rid of.”

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing:

how to get rid of mouse
how to get rid of acne
how to get rid of flea
how to get rid of stretch marks
how to get rid of acne scar
how to get rid of fruit flies
how to get rid of pimples
how to get rid of spyware

I call them “action words”, they are the added terms people use when hoping to really find something. Quite a lot of people search for “how do i burn fat” and may be more willing to purchase something than the person starting out with searches like “burn fat” …

Think about some of these other “action words” when building your longtail list.

do it yourself
how do i
how to
is ok
look for
make my own
what do i
what is the best
when should i